How long have you been breeding?
We started breeding in 1987.  I don't have a job outside my home, so the dogs get my full attention.

Where are you located?
We're about 75 miles southeast of Lincoln, NE on the Kansas-Nebraska State line.

Are the puppies registered?
Yes, all puppies are sold with a full registration, unless they have a bad bite, one testicle, etc...  Those puppies are sold as pet only and would have a limited registration.  They should be spayed/neutered to insure the defect wouldn't be passed on to the offspring. AKC reserves the right to correct or cancel for cause the registration of the dog and its descendants. I will not be responsible if this accurses. Application fees are nonnrefundable and are the suject to change with notice by AKC. Once submitted, the application becomes the property of the AKC.

How old are they when they can be spayed/neutered?
My vet can neuter a male that is over 8 weeks old, at the buyer's expense, but the females have to wait until they are older (about 6 months old) to be spayed.

How much does it cost to have you neuter the male before I get him?
Just $35

How do I register the puppy?
I will have the sex and color of your puppy on the front of the application, but you will fill out the name.  Print a unique name, using one letter per box.  Skip a box between words.  Your address and phone number will be filled out on the back.  Make sure you sign it where it says "signature of new owner". You ALWAYS want to make a copy of the registeration before sending it in. You can also register your new family member online with AKC. 

How do I pick a name?
Try to stay away from one syllable names, like Sam, because they may confuse it with commands like "No", "Down", or "Come".  If you have more than one dog, try not to use names that sound alike, like having them both ending in "ie", or "y".  So if you are scolding one, the other doesn't think he's in trouble too.

How old do the puppies have to be?
Over 8 weeks, but if the puppy is going to be shipped, I prefer that it is 9 weeks.

Will the puppy have all it's shots and dewormed?
It will have all the puppy shots and be dewormed, but you should take the shot record to the vet to schedule a booster and a rabies shot later. He will  have his first heartworm protection, which you will have to continue if you are in an area that heartworms have been found. Ask your vet to provide you with medicine for his protection. 

What do I get with my new puppy?
You will get the registration paper, pedigree on both parents, shot, deworming and heartworm records, sample of  puppy food and health guarantee.  All puppies are microchipped  with HomeAgain for $35. I will send the pre-paid information packet with your puppy. It only takes about 2 minutes to do it.   Puppies will be sent with one of their favorite toys when they are picked up  here but the airlines won't allow us to ship them in the crate anymore. You will also receive a one hour training video and a sample of food, $5 coupon for your next purchase of food and NuVet wafers.

Is there any health problems?
No matter how long you breed--nobody can produce perfect dogs!!!  The puppy is seen by the vet before you get him (for a health certificate, when shipped) to insure you that your puppy is in good health. If you have a congenital defect that shows up in the first year from date of birth, be sure to contact me. Please read the health guarantee

Do you do genetic testing on your Italian Greyhounds? 
Health tests and physicals are done on the adults prior to breeding, including the CERF test,  to insure that we are raising the healthiest puppies possible. This doesn't mean that a puppy can't have any health problems, because they could be normal and still be a carrier. If you do have problems, please contact us so we may be able to  trace where it came from. 

What if for some reason, I can't keep the puppy?
Instead of you shipping the puppy back and having me ship him again, I will try to put you and the interested party in touch with each other. If you know of someone that will give him a good home, you will furnish me with their address and phone number.  If you prefer to ship the puppy back it will be done at the buyers expense and we will fine a good home for him/her. No refund is given. The buyer will agree not to put the puppy in a shelter or rescue, but will find a  good home for him/her or return the puppy to us. 

Do you ship?
Yes, I ship out of Kansas City, MO to the nearest major airport to you.  I make all the arrangements with the airlines and then let you know the day, flight number, time, etc...  The puppies are sent out priority and you will have them in just a few hours. 

Who pays for the shipping?
The new owner, which is $300 including the crate in the 48 states on Delta & American and $400 on United.  There's only a few cities that we can ship them to in Canada. In some cases the puppies has to be day kenneled orovernighted so the buyer would be responsible for those charges which is usually another $150. 

What kind of crate?
It is a nice plastic crate (like the Pet Taxi) with a baked on enamel door, that you will be able to use for the puppy even as an adult.

Do you take a deposit?
The deposit is $200, which is applies toward the purchase price.   If for some reason you can't get the puppy, you will lose the deposit. If you use PayPal or a credit charge 4% will be added. ($208). There's no service charge if you pay with "friends & family with PayPal, money order or deposit it into my Wells Fargo account. We don't have a waiting list and will not take a deposit until they are born and you pick out a puppy.

When is the balance for the puppy due?
When the puppy is 8 weeks old.  If the final payment isn't made at 8 weeks of age, you will lose your deposit and the puppy will be available for sale. If you change your mind or can't get the puppy, after the final payment is made, only 1/2 of the price of the puppy is refunded. There's no exceptions!

What form of payment do you require?
Money Order, major credit cards  or PayPay If you use a credit card or PayPal (if sent for "Goods" there will be a 4% service charge. There's no additional charge if you send it to "friends & family" or deposit it in my Well's Fargo account.

What are microchips?
They are tiny (about the size of a grain of rice) computerized chips which have an unalterable, permanent ID number programmed into a bio-compatible device.   When the chip is implanted deep SQ or shallow IM between the shoulder blades at a 45 degree angle so it does not migrate from the injection site.  This one step procedure is similar to a routine vaccination.  It does not require any anesthesia, sedation, or stitches.  Microchipping is approved and strongly encouraged by the AKC.  The microchip will be registered with  HomeAgain for $35, so if the puppy is ever lost or stolen, he or she can be traced back to you unless you request that it not be done.  Scanners have been made available to every humane society, animal shelter and animal control agency.  In addition, many veterinary offices now have scanners available to check those strays that come in. I can send the registration in if you finish me with an address and phone number of a close family member or friend that they can contact if they can't reach you. We don't charge for the microchip....only to register it in your name.

Will he be show quality?
There's no way I can tell if the puppy will be show quality until they are several weeks old.

Do they get along with other pets?
Yes, but introduce them slowly and make sure they are supervised until they are conformable with each other.

Do they do better as pairs or is one OK?    
One is OK, but the advantage to a pair is that they have each other to play and snuggle with when they are left alone and seem to do better in their new home when there's two. They seem to be more content when there's more than one.

Can I put two males together?
You won't have any problems if they are neutered.

Which makes the better pet - male or female?
A lot of people think that a male is dominate and more aggressive, but not so when he has been neutered, as long as it is done early.  The male won't have the desire to run across the road to breed the neighbor's dog or even lift his leg if it is done early enough.  This can be done before you get him if you request it, for only $35.00.   The Italian Greyhound males are usually more outgoing, loyal and affectionate and seem to do better with children & stranglers than the females which seem to be more independent, but their temperament will mainly be determined by how it is raise.  Please make sure you socialize your puppy were they will get to meet people and other dogs. The  Iggy males seem to do better with  strangers and children, too. If they grow up with children I think either sex is good.

Are they good with children?
Yes, a dog can be a child's best friend, as long as the child plays with the puppy carefully and with respect.  Don't let children put the puppy on high places like a sofa, bed, etc. until he is able to jump up and down on his own.  Be sure to show the children how to hold him correctly, by placing the paws between their fingers, so if the puppy decide to jump they can quickly close the fingers.  This is good for parents, too!!!  If you have small children, teach them to play with the puppy on the floor and not to carry him around.

What kind of training will the puppy need?
It is always good to enroll the puppy in a puppy kindergarten class which is usually after he is 3 months old.  He will learn the basic obedience and a simple "down" command that could save his life someday, when he decides to run across the street when a car is coming. You can start doing it yourself as soon as you get him. .

What are you feeding the puppy?
Feed ProPlan chicken & rice puppy food until he is 1 year old and then change to the maintenance. I will send a $5.00 coupon toward your purchase. For the first couple of days, if they don't want to eat, give him beef or lamb baby food....a hamburger-rice mixture is good.  Put a little lemon in the water, to neutralize it for the first 3 or 4 days until he gets used to the water.  Taste the water to make sure you don't add too much lemon and make it bitter, otherwise they won't drink it.  This keeps him from getting diarrhea.  If you have a water purifier, this isn't necessary.  If he does have a little blood in his stool, don't worry as long as it is a bright red and it is a small amount.  This can be caused by stress when changing to his new home. We recommend the NuVet Supplements Click Here for more details. Use order code #33514 when asked, to get a better price and select Auto-Ship to save an additional 15%. Order this at least two weeks prior to getting your new addition so they don't have to go a day without it. It will avoid expensive vet bills later.

How much should I feed him and when should I feed him?
As soon as he gets up, he will probably have to pee, then let him eat all he wants for about 20 minutes and then again early evening.  For those that are home during the day, you may choose to add a noon feeding.  Don't leave the food down all the time when you are training him.  He will need to relieve himself about 20 minutes after he eats and it's hard to train him if he is eating all day long.

What method of housebreaking do you recommend?
It will depend on your lifestyle.  If you work away from home, you may choose to paper train, use the pee pads or litter box vs. the direct outside training.  It seems that the first three choices have faster results, especially when it is cold or raining out.  The most important thing is to be consistent!!!  And, of course, be patient!!!  Use treats to praise him, when he does a good job. All puppies are litter box trained here using  Equine Fresh 100% pine pellets used for horses (from Tractor Supply CO) and the litter box from . 

If you can't find it, you can get Feline Fresh at Walmart or pet supply stores. If you can't find the cheaper pine pellets you can use the FelinePine found at PetSmart & Petco in the cat section. DON"T buy the clumping or it can't be used with the shaker pen shown below. If you are using this method, DON'T give them very much room in the pen you are using until they can get use to where they need to go. DO NOT let them have the run of the house and expect him to know where to go. I like to use a small 2'X4' exercise  pen to start with that the end has been wrapped around to make it only half the normal size. and then slowly expanding it to a 4'X4' pen. You can use a topper on it like the one pictured on below. They also make one with a door, which I would recommend. It is easer than doing it like the one below.

What kind of treats would you recommend?
There are a lot of good treats, that are small & soft for little puppies, on the market.I  use chicken Pounce (cat treats). They are easy to use since you can put a few in your pocket and have them handy when they deserve a reward.  
Remember not to over do it or he will get a lose stool.

Another favorite treat is Breast of Chicken or Cheese Sticks
Cut breast of chicken in small pieces, sprinkle with granulated garlic (not salt) and cook until done. Drain off the juice. You can squeeze out the extra moisture between two pieces of paper towels.  They also love the string cheese sticks. Both of these are good for bait at the dog show.

How long do they live?
About 12 - 14 years (or even longer) when fed a good diet and gets proper exercise.  Be sure to have the vet check his teeth every year, when he gets his yearly booster and if tarter is building up, have them cleaned.  You know how you feel if you have a bad tooth.  Dogs are like people...take care of them and they will look and feel great!!

How much space do they require?
They are a toy breed and don't require a lot of room; an apartment of a small home is fine, but they will enjoy running in a fenced in yard or taking a walk on a nice day. Start with one small area and then advance them to a small room,increasing their area, one room at a time. The BIGGEST mistake is giving a new puppy to much room. It is better to prevent mistakes rather than correct mistakes!

What kind of toys do they like?
 We buy a lot of baby toys at the Goodwill.  Just remember they have a small mouth as a puppy, so you need to get toys that they will be able to pick up and run around with.  They love a play gym across their exercise pen.  I tie a lot of the rattle toys on the side of the pen with the plastic zip close ties.  As far as a dog toy, they love the fake fur toys that squeak or rattle.

How often to you update the pictures on the website?
We try to update the pictures and weigh them every two weeks so you can see how much your puppy has grown. I will email the new picture each time. You don't have to Email me for the pictures before they go on the website. 

What if I have questions after I get my puppy?
Call or Email me.......that's what I'm here for!!! Just remember when calling, I'm on Central Standard Time!!!!!

Question & Anwsers

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