"A lot of dog in a little body" is perhaps the best description of the Miniature Pinscher or "Minpin."  This lively little dog displays very few characteristics of a toy dog.  Many people think of the Miniature Pinscher as a "scaled down" version of the larger Doberman Pinscher.  The Doberman and Miniature Pinscher are separate and very distinct breeds and were both developed in Germany in the late nineteenth century.  Both are said to have a large part of English Black-and-Tan Terrier in their blood.  The ancestry of the Minpin gives him traits of a much larger dog...not a "toy".  The main breeds in the minpin's background are probably different terriers that give him his spunk and fearlessness.  Many centuries ago, the "ratters" and short-haired shepherd dogs are how the present-day Miniature Pinscher came about.  The minpin also has some blood in him from the guard dogs that were used to protect the camps and army supplies in Germany, which helped to produce the Rottweiller.  The minpin has the instincts of a watch dog, despite his tiny stature.  The minpin also shows characteristics of a working dog because he can be trained more easily than the other "toy" dogs.   His agility and sleek appearance is contributed by the Whippet he has in him, and his guarding instincts are just like the larger Doberman.

In 2005 the Miniature Pinscher was ranked number 22 out of 156 breeds in AKC-registered dogs.  Miniature Pinschers are definitely the "King of Toys".  Minpins have been known to outwit dogs three and four times his size.   The minpin is an animated, playful, loyal, fearless, and loveable little dog.   Most minpins are quite the show-offs, and they love to perform in front of an audience.   Because minpins are quite the actors and show-offs, they are excellent in the show ring.  They are easily trained and love the spotlight to be shining directly on them!

The Miniature Pinscher makes a wonderful watchdog despite his size.   He can hear sounds, that to us are inaudible.  He can even tell the difference between two cars driving down the street by the sound it makes.  They often can tell when their master is home by just hearing the car drive by.

The minpin is always ready to play...even into his years.  If you don't have a big house with a big yard or you live in an apartment, it doesn't matter.   Minpins can get more than enough exercise in the smallest of places or even on a short walk.  Just playing fetch with his favorite toy will give him the exercise he needs for the day.

Minpins have a wide variety in acceptable colorings, so you will be sure to find one you just can't live without.  There are black and rust, black and tan, chocolate and rust, chocolate and tan, stag red, and red.   Miniature Pinschers are as alike as twins some people say.  It is said that only a person who loves one dog can tell them apart. 

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