"In a perfect world, every dog would have a home 
and every home would have a dog."   Author - Unknown 

A Faithful Friend
   A faithful dog will play with you
     and laugh with ....or cry...
   He'll gladly serve to stay with you
     for ever reson why.
   And when you're feeling out of sorts
     somehow he'll understand.
   He'll watch you with his shining eyes
     and try to lick your hand.
   His blind, implicit faith in you
     is matched by his great love...
   The kind that all of us should have
     in the Master up above.
   When everything is said and done, 
     I guess this isn't odd,
   For when you spell "Dog" backward
     you will get the Name of God.

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Since 1/01/04.
CH Dierking's Hey There Georgy Girl 
Finished  in 6 out of 7 shows
Best Of Opposite Sex 2009 IGCA National Speciality
 Award Of Merit at the 2008 Italian Greyhound Nationals 
Ten Group Placements 
Best Of Breed at the 2008  AKC Eukanuba National Championships
Best Bred By Exhibitor at the 2008 AKC Eukanuba National Championships
Competed at the Westminster Show February 10, 2009 in New York City
Invited to Crufts 2009 & 2010, in England
Rank in the Top 10 for 2009 (all breed)
Finished "Top 20" in 2009 (breed)

For that special puppy...
Dierking's Kennel
"Breeding for Excellent Quality and Temperament"

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We are proud to be honored and verified by United Online Pure Breeders as a top Italian Greyhound breeder in Nebraska

Welcome to Dierking's Kennel.  We have been breeding Italian Greyhounds since 1987, and strive for excellent quality and temperament.  We have reasonably priced puppies for show or pet.  Our puppies are placed in loving homes and are never sold to brokers or pet stores.  Our puppies include a FIVE YEAR health guarantee if your puppy continues to use the NuVet wafers purchased from the link on the website, vet check, shots, worming, pedigree, registration paper, breeder support for the life of your puppy, microchip, one hour training video and  will be litter box trained. Please read the Q & A page and view the other pages on the website. 

We accept:                                For that special puppy....
                                                  Dierking's Kennel
Neil and Deb Dierking
60642 702 Trail
Liberty, NE  68381-9609
Phone:  (402) 248-6493

    For additional information, please                     at:  puppies@bluevalley.net

  Health Guarantee

The puppy is guaranteed to be in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time of the sale.  If within 48 hours from the time the buyer takes possession of the puppy, it is found by a licensed veterinarian not to be in good health, the breeder agrees to replace the puppy. It must be returned to the breeder, at the buyer's expense, with a  written statement from the veterinarian. Due to the varying kinds of food and different environmental conditions the puppies comes in contact with, we recommend that you continue the NuVet wafers for the lifetime of your puppy. We will give you a FULL FIVE year against any congenital defects if you use the manufacture's recommended dose. Failure to do so makes the guarantee null and void.  The breeder is not responsible for any veterinarian bills acquired by the buyer. If the buyer can't keep the puppy he/she is to be RETURNED TO ME and NOT placed in a shelter or rescue. If the puppy is placed in another home, the buyer must supply the new owners address and phone number for the records. 

Your puppy has been on a vaccination and deworming schedule.  Please take your records to the veterinarian.  It is VERY IMPORTANT the vaccinations and worming continue on schedule.  DON'T FORGET the yearly boosters.

If your puppy has been purchased as a pet, it is strongly recommended that your puppy be spayed/neutered.  If purchasing a male, you may request it be neutered by the breeder's veterinarian at the buyer's expense of $35.00 which can be done at 8 weeks of age.

All puppies have a microchip ID to protect the puppy if it is ever lost or stolen. The microchip will be registered by the seller for $35, unless you request not to get it.   The buyer agrees to take good care of the puppy and provide adequate food, water, housing, and medical care.  The buyer agrees to follow the breeders recommendations regarding feeding, training, exercise, and general care. The puppy has been started  with litter box training, but can not guarantee the puppy to be house broke. It is very important to contain the puppy to a small area with the litter box for a few weeks to reinforce it's training. Don't let the puppy run through the house without being supervised. 

The seller will guarantee health, but CAN NOT guarantee, size, color change or appearace of the puppy as it matures. They are sold as a pet only. 

Make sure that you are ready for the responsibly of a new puppy! It takes a lot of TIME and PATIENCE....You must be CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT....

Deb Dierking

Dierking’s Kennel is a breeder of Italian Greyhound Puppies and is an Italian Breeder  in Nebraska. Dierking’s Kennel specializes in Italian Greyhound Puppies  in Nebraska. Contact Dierking’s Kennel for information on our Italian Greyhound Puppies For Sale Nebraska